A-Z Organizer

A-Z Organizer

Software to organize contact information

The A-Z Organizer software program is a user's toolbox that lets private users, businessmen and even corporations organize and manage all types of contact information including addresses.

The program also helps you plan your daily, weekly, monthly personal, business and corporation tasks more effectively. The A-Z Organizer lets you customize the daily, weekly, monthly task planner and even has an audible pop-up reminder to make sure you don't forget an important task that you have to complete for the day.

You can organize your contact information whichever way you want. You can group them properly as well to make sure that everyone in a specific contact group will get the information that you want to convey.

You can set a reminder even for yearly events on the A-Z Organizer. Your client data bases will be managed automatically by linking specific contacts to different information which you can easily customize on your A-Z Organizer.

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